5 Things Every Man Needs When Hiking

Hiking is such a fun and exciting activity. It lets you connect with nature and exercise your body. However, before you set out for a hike, see to it that you have everything you need. Every man has a different preference.


Some like to bring kits that contain even the minutest hiking item, whilst others prefer to bring only the basics. If you are the type of guy who does not like to bring a huge and heavy backpack, read on to find out the five things that you have to bring for your hike.

  1. Hiking shoes. Shoes are probably the most important gear for hiking since you will be walkinghiking-shoes for a long time. You need a pair of comfortable and well-fitting shoes that match the terrain. To avoid blisters, injury, or achy feet, you can search for the top hiking boots for men to see their features, prices, and designs. Compare the weight, support, and traction offered by these shoes. Check out other features, such as the lacing system.
  2. Map and compass. If you cannot read a topographic trail map and use a compass, you must not go hiking. It does not matter how many times you have been on a specific trail. You always need to bring a map and a compass. You will never know when you might need to change your route in case of unexpected weather conditions, injuries, wild animals, or closed trails.
  3. Food and water. Hiking can be exhausting, which is why you need to have sufficient energy. Snacking throughout your hike is a great way to keep you full and energized. You have to bring at least two thousand calories of food with you. Make sure that you also stay hydrated. Ideally, you should drink plenty of water before you hike. You also have to bring water. Be sure to put them in indestructible plastic bottles so they do not get damaged. You can also carry lightweight water filters to collect water from a stream or lake.
  4. First-aid and repair kits. Even if you are careful, you may still encounter an accident. Hence, itfirst-aid-kit is a good idea to bring first aid supplies such as band-aids, gauze pads, tweezers, and antiseptic wipes on your hike. You also need a knife and other tools for setting up a temporary shelter, preparing food, etc. You do not have to bring a large knife. You can use a pocketknife with a three-inch blade. Just make sure that it is sharp enough.
  5. Sun protection. Protecting yourself against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun is a must. Otherwise, you can be at risk of skin cancer and other diseases. This is why you have to bring a lip balm, a hat, and sunscreen products to prevent sunburn. If you are highly sensitive to the sun, you also have to wear special sun-proof clothes. You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. In the Summer, you have to protect your eyes from too much sunlight. In the Winter, you have to protect them against snow blindness. Aside from sunglasses, you can also wear glacier glasses with side shields to prevent reflective light from reaching your eyes.

You can bring more items on your hike as you see fit, but make sure that these five essentials are with you.

Pay special attention to the clothes and shoes that you wear. Make sure that you are protected from the external elements, but still comfortable and able to move around. It is highly recommended that you research about the top hiking boots for men to find out which shoes are most ideal for you.




With Mining Jobs Winding Down in Western Australia, Here are 5 Potential Careers for You

There is no other issue more pertinent to the Australian economy than the winding down of mining jobs in the country. According to reports, the end of the mining investment boom has finally arrived as the non-mining sectors continue to struggle in taking up the running. Engineering construction has fallen by 6.5% in trend terms. Building construction, on the other hand, has risen by 6.5%.

Don’t worry about not finding a job, though. Despite this economic downturn, there are still plenty of good jobs in Australia. In fact, according to a survey, the five jobs with the most growth potential are as follows:

  1. Skilled trades

A skilled trade may be an ideal job for you if you dislike sitting behind a desk all day. Skilled tradesmen do well regardless of the condition of the economy. After all, such skills cannot be easily outsourced. These workers will always be in demand. They also have the opportunity to be their own boss and work in their own time. Some of the skilled trades you may want to consider include electricians, plumbers, mechanics, metal filters, carpenters, and hairdressers. Such careers require practical training and manual dexterity. If you want a skilled trade career, you need to receive the right training.

  1. Sales representatives

These workers are actually critical to the success and growth of many businesses. In fact, sales can prove to be lucrative for you if you are a good communicator. To be a sales rep, however, you need to be hardworking, business savvy, and possess market knowledge and good communication and interpersonal skills. It does not really matter what background you have, as long as you can provide excellent customer service and develop good relationships with clients.

  1. Baristas

Barista CourseAustralia has some of the best coffee shops in the world. It is also known for its world-class baristas. So if you are looking forward to work as a barista, make sure that you get proper education and training. You should enroll in a barista course Perth, for instance, has a lot of schools that offer basic and advanced barista courses. Working as a barista in Australia is great because you can earn good money and enjoy a flexible working schedule. You will also have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people.

  1. Engineers

If you have always been interested in machines, a job in the engineering industry may be suitable for you. The career opportunities for engineers are limitless. For instance, you can design faster airplanes or spacecraft, as well as design buildings that are more energy efficient. Of course, you need to get an engineering degree, pass the necessary exams, and obtain licenses in order for you to become an engineer.

  1. IT staff

As technology continues to make progress, the demand for tech savvy people also increases. So if you are into technology, possess problem solving skills, and are a logical thinker, a job in the IT industry may be perfect for you. Skilled IT personnel are needed in every business. In fact, the IT industry is one of the fastest moving industries today. As long as you are able to keep track of the latest developments and trends, you would do well in your career.


What You Need to Do to Protect Your Family Financially

When you have a family, your primary priority to keep them secured and protected at all times. However, you should not only protect them in a physical aspect, but in a financial aspect as well. One of the ways on how you can protect your family is to provide them with insurance.

Life Insurance

There are different types of insurance you can choose from, such as life, total and permanent disability, income protection, and trauma insurance.

With life insurance, your life is insured, but it is actually your family’s welfare that is addressed. When you die, your family or beneficiary will receive a certain amount of money. Life insurance is crucial, especially if you are the breadwinner of your family. This is so your family can still survive financially when you are no longer around to provide for them.

Total and permanent disability insurance protects you in the event that you become disabled totally and permanently. Those who get life insurance or trauma insurance usually get it as a form of additional coverage. So even if you are no longer physically capable of working, your financial needs will still be sustained.

In case you encounter an accident or acquire an illness and are not able to work for several monthsInsurance or even permanently as a result, your income protection insurance will cover you financially. You will still have food on the table, pay off your mortgage, and send your children to school.

It is actually more important to protect your income than your car or your home since it is estimated that you will make about one million dollars throughout your working life. Furthermore, recent statistics show that you are ten times more likely to be permanently disabled than die in your 30’s.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, trauma insurance can help you out financially. Unlike income protection insurance, it is not dependent on your incapacity to work. Instead, it is dependent on the diagnosis of your illness. So, it does not really matter what your working status is.

With trauma insurance, you can receive a specific amount of money when you are diagnosed with a certain type of illness or injury. Usually, the list of illnesses covered is optional and tends to vary from one company to another. Similarly, the definitions of such conditions vary between such companies.

Some benefits of this insurance are subject to a qualifying period. A benefit can be given either on a stand-alone basis or as an advance payment for a death benefit. Typically, critical illness policies cover stroke, heart attack, coma, degenerative diseases, heart surgery, cancers, chronic liver disease, lung disease, kidney disease, paraplegia, and multiple sclerosis.

You will be paid with a lump sum of money instead of a monthly income stream. You can use the money in whatever way you want. There are no restrictions involved. The insurance company will not make demands or even ask you about how you plan to spend the money. When you get life insurance or health insurance, it is ideal to get insurance as well.

Private health insurance may not be enough to cover all your needs in case you incur a serious injury or illness. Most private health insurance policies only cover hospital expenses and certain medications. They do not cover rehabilitation, lost wages, long term nursing care, and home alterations.

With your insurance, you can pay for your debts and mortgage, nursing care, prostheses, car and/or home alterations, lost wages, overseas specialist or medical treatment, and accommodation and travel costs as you undergo treatment. You can also hire a housekeeper or a nanny to take care of your house chores. You can also use the money to pay for your children’s tuition fees. Furthermore, you can use the money to support your needs if you prefer to have an early retirement.

Getting an insurance policy is a smart move. No matter how careful you are, you still can never tell when you will get into an accident, injure yourself, or die. Nevertheless, insurance companies usually offer discounts to people who take care of themselves. So if you want to get the best rates, you should aim to live a good lifestyle.



How an older man keeps his figure

I have just realized one thing with the passage of time, and that is your fitness is in your own hands. I am saying this out of personal experience. At my age fitness starts to become an issue. However, the scenario has been quite different for me.  Interesting most people wonder about the secret to my health and fitness. The truth is completely different. My passion has kept me going and revitalizes me every time I start to feel down. Well you already know by now that I am obsessed with the idea of planes. I have this thirst for knowledge when it comes to airplanes.

Happy older man smilingI make it a point to get updates about airplanes. I listen to various podcasts. They help me to get the latest information about the airplanes. Now I am not a couch potato, so I make it a point to indulge in a healthy routine while listening to my podcast. What I do, is I walk. It is an established fact that walking is the quickest way to shed some extra pounds and remain slim and trim. Walking has become more of a routine for me. Thus I am doing two things at the same time satisfying my passion for airplane information and maintaining my fitness.

Podcasts I listen to and enjoy

The following are a few podcasts that I enjoy listening to, and they offer me valuable information as well.

  • Uncontrolled airspace: This podcast talks about the aviation community and being a pilot. General aviation and piloting skills are also discussed in an opinionated way.
  • Airspeed: can be termed as the best aviation podcast. It talks about all the features of aerospace and aviation.
  • Airline Pilot Guy: This podcast usually starts with the news about the aviation world along with some professional analysis. The interesting thing about this podcast is that the listeners are encouraged to give their feedback.
  • The airplane Geeks Podcast: This podcast has listener submitted content and questions. It also covers the news and history from the aviation world. The podcast also involves an interview with a guest.

Personally I love each and every podcast mentioned above, because all of them are related to my passion. While I am listening to the podcast, I can walk for a long time because I get so involved in the podcast and this activity does not tire me out. This is truly the secret behind my health and fitness.

Flying to the United States

The Intrepid MuseumI recently visited the United States and made it a point to visit the Intrepid Museum. This is a maritime and military museum and has a huge collection of museum ships. It is based in New York. This museum showcases the space shuttle enterprise, Lockheed A-12, which was a reconnaissance plane, USS Growler submarine, Concorde SST and  USS Intrepid which was an aircraft carrier. The museum was basically founded way back in 1982. However, it was closed in 2006 for a period of about two years. The reason was that the museum underwent a major renovation of different facilities.

Major differences between US and UK

I have been living in UK for a long time, so visiting the United States was undoubtedly a pleasant change for me, and I truly loved the country. However, I found many vital differences between the UK and US. The main difference I felt is the interpretation of the English Language. For example, the word quite has a different sense of interpretation for the British and different interpretation for the Americans. If we use quite in UK it means somewhat, but for Americans quite means very. The courtesy culture is very strict in UK. For example, I am expected to say please too often. It is not that mandatory in US. The UK 24 hour clock is also quite confusing for the Americans. For example, we in the UK mention 8:30 as half-eight, so this interpretation can be a big confusing for the Americans.

What I loved about the United States

Despite these subtle differences, I still feel that visiting the US is a worthwhile trip. I would surely like to mention what I truly appreciated there. American sports are truly a delight. Whenever you feel like relaxing you can go out for a baseball game and the experience would be phenomenal. I had a chance to visit the grocery stores and shopping is truly fun in the US because the aisles are full of every imaginable brand. I enjoyed the food too because whenever you order food you can look forward to generous servings that would be a pleasant surprise for you. Road trips were also quite convenient for me because the Americans are ever willing to guide you all the way and this is an awesome aspect about the US. The United States has a diverse culture mainly because of the different immigrants and that also contributes to the joy of the visitors.

New York – the real joy

I have to mention what I loved about New York city too. It is truly a city full of life. The nightlife of New York is truly amazing. You can simply find the best restaurants in New York, so it is yet another delight. I must say that visiting New York is a fulfilling experience.

Whenever you plan your trip to the United States make it a point to visit New York. You will love the ambience of the US and especially New York. Visiting Intrepid Museum will be the real icing on the cake and  you will remember this experience for a long time to come.

The Top 5 WW2 fighter planes

The Second World War is a very important moment of history.  One important factor in the Second World War was the use of dominant weapons. The WW2 fighter planes were that weapon. They had an impressive attacking capability. They provided strategic and tactical support. These fighter planes fought well for the control of the skies. The period of conflict had extended up to a 6 year period, and during this time the aircraft design had made significant progress and improvement. The Second World War witnessed the use of the most radical aircrafts during the war. Here are the top 5 that made a huge impact.

Technically advanced WW2 Fighter planes

The following are the best world war aircrafts that are still remembered for their contribution.

  1. Supermarine SpitfireSupermarine Spitfire: This aircraft has the honor of being one of the most popular combat aircrafts in the history. This aircraft worked perfectly well for the low level duels. Supermarine also served as carrier fighter and fighter bombers, and therefore this aircraft has obtained a distinctive role in combat theater.
  2. P-51 MustangNorth American P-51 Mustang:  This aircraft can be termed as a ferocious dog fighter and it was also one of the best Piston engine fighters. It could easily take control of the skies during the second world war. This aircraft had the honor of going higher than any aircraft used during the second world war.
  3. Focke-Wulf Fw-190Focke-Wulf Fw-190: The Focke-Wulf proved to be a great anti-tank aircraft during World War 2. It actually came as a surprise for the RAF pilots. This is a great fighter-bomber aircraft as well.
  4. Ilyushin-2-ShturmovikIlyushin-2-Shturmovik: This aircraft was popularly known as the best anti-tank aircraft. The Ilyushin-2 had superb firepower. This aircraft was also popularly known as the flying tank.
  5. Messerschmitt Bf 109Messerschmitt Bf 109: This aircraft was also able to fly at very high altitudes. It is counted as the most graceful and fast aircrafts during the Second World War. This aircraft was able to serve all the war fronts successfully.

All these aircrafts were cleverly designed. What made the aircrafts stand out was that they were designed as per the requirements of the Second World War. No wonder getting the desired results with these aircrafts was not a challenge. This also proves another point that technology development has not just started today. It is just been that warfare aircraft development has been a gradual process all the way.

These aircrafts were able to win laurels for the respective forces and proved to be a valuable asset. They caused significant damage to the counterpart due to their lethal battle skills. Therefore, they are still remembered and the designers need to be applauded for their efforts and far-sightedness.  It can be safely said that if these aircrafts would not have been there World War 2 would have been a lot more challenging for the respective forces. All the five aircrafts mentioned above had their own distinctive qualities and were reliable and durable war weapons that stood the test of the time with perfection.

What is Air Fouga

Fouga popularly known as Air Fouga was a famous French manufacturing company that was created by Gaston Fouga way back in 1920. This company was initially created for the repairing of railway rolling stock. However, the company got its fame from the manufacturing of aircrafts. Breguet Engineers gave the technical advice for the aircraft manufacture. The aircraft production started in 1936. The designs of the aircrafts were purchased from Pierre Mauboussin. The Fouga designs are also popular by the name of Castel-Mauboussin. Air Fouga has the honor of producing many refined and sophisticated aircrafts that truly met the high standards of quality production.

 The popularity of Air Fouga

 Air Fouga has won a lot of acclaim amongst the aircraft lovers.  If you are wondering why I have so much love for the aircrafts so let me introduce myself. I am Robert Henderson and I am one of the lovers of these popular aircrafts. I visited France many times just to visit the airplane museum so that I could get a glimpse of the Air Fouga planes. The plane that got the most fame amongst the Fouga aircrafts was CM 170 Magister. This is a military trainer aircraft. This aircraft is a true reflection of sail planes heritage and has these slender and tapering wings. The following are some of the highlights of about Air Fouga aircrafts.

  • CM 170 MagisterThe CM 170 Magister emerged on the forefront back in 1950 and it is actually a two seat jet seat trainer. CM.175 Zephyr was yet another carrier and a capable version for French Navy.
  • The contributions of Fouga do not just end here. Back in 1948 Fouga produced an aircraft for the French Airforce by the name of CM.130. This aircraft was successfully able to replace Morane Saulnier MS.475.
  • An improved version of the Magister emerged in 1960 and it was known as  CM.170-2 Magister. This aircraft had a strong and improved engine in comparison to the  previous versions.

I have been so passionate about Air Fouga aircrafts that seeing them in the aircraft museums brings a sense of joy to me and revitalizes my passion for quality aircrafts. The best part is that the Air Fouga Museums in France are quite well maintained and they have been able to preserve the heritage of the Air Fouga aircrafts. All those who want to retrace the history of the Air Fouga aircrafts should make it a point to visit these museums just like me. The visit to these museums has helped me gain an in depth insight about these aircrafts, so travelling to France is truly more of an educational trip for me.